“She was the one believed to fulfill the prophecies, you see. She was the long-awaited one. That is why she was killed, no doubt. And that is why there are those who swear she lives.”

A single kiss saved their fabled love, but the same magic that saved them might also destroy them. Prince Ferryl knows that war is coming for the kingdom of Navah. It doesn’t help that he is betrothed to the niece of the enemy king. But now that the memories of the love of his life have been restored, the real questions begin: who has magic? Who is using it against them? And who is Elizabeth, really?

When a dying prophet insists that the answers lie in the peaceful kingdom to the north, Ferryl and Elizabeth—with the help of a few friends—set off on a journey to the mountains in search of an absolution that will save the kingdom…and hopefully their love, once and for all.

But there, a prophecy long-since forgotten awaits them…and an unexpected twist of fate may damn their love forever.

The Purloined Prophecy is the second book in the highly-acclaimed Chalam Færytales series. Packed with page-turning mystery, breathtaking imagery, and swoon-worthy romance, this epic færytale will enthrall readers from the very first page.