All the best færytales end with true love’s kiss. But what happens when the prince forgets all about it?

Elizabeth and Ferryl have a happily ever after for the legends… that is until one day, Prince Ferryl doesn’t remember it. There could be a number of reasons for his sudden amnesia. Maybe he’s playing some sort of game. Or maybe it’s his meddling mother. But the real reason could never be that he was cursed. Absolutely not. Life is not a færytale. And there is no such thing as magic, thank you very much.

It doesn’t help that Ferryl is busy focusing on a rebel uprising. Nor does it help that the king’s health is in inexplicable decline. It certainly doesn’t help that the queen has arranged for Ferryl to marry someone else. Now Elizabeth is in a race against time. Can she discover what really happened to her true love before she loses him forever?

The Promised One is the first book of The Chalam Færytales series. Packed with imaginative world-building, poetic prose, and storybook romance, this coming-of-age epic færytale begins after the first kiss. It’s a journey to discover the magic in each of us—and remind us that love is the most powerful of all.