Death and life. Pain and joy. Sorrow and love. War and peace. Storm and petrichor. Life. This was life.

King Ferryl and Queen Adelaide have risked everything to save their beloved kingdom, but at what cost? Aware that yielding to the maddened king in the east will mean losing everything, they must gamble all they hold dear to face him, and learn to play his deadly game if they want to survive. But their resolve, their faith in the mission unravels a little more every day with each damning revelation, each new obstacle… It doesn’t help that they’re separated by an entire continent.

With Queen Adelaide captured by a traitor and Duchess Delaney playing spy to the mad king, Ferryl must learn to face his fears once and for all. For he knows the only path to victory is to stay the course, no matter the cost. Hanging in the balance is the hope of a world without Darkness—a world full of the promise of the One to come.

The War and the Petrichor is the culmination of the first saga in The Chalam Færytales—a story that began before the foundations of the world. Like threads on a loom, the fates of all are woven together in this gripping, heart-wrenching fifth installment of the series. Who will pay the ultimate price to end the threat of Darkness once and for all?

Notice: Contains mature language, adult situations, sexual content, and thematic violence. Reader discretion is advised.