Morgan G Farris’s acclaimed series is all new with The Stag at Hand, the first book in The Chalam Legends: the story of unlikely allies Miriam and Ezra as they seek to uncover the mystery of the White Stag in a Victorian fantasy world of magic, peril, and devastating romance.

A thousand years after the Great War, the world is no closer to peace. The legend of the Promised One has died. The lore has faded. And in the aftermath of the fabled reign of King Ferryl and Queen Adelaide, the supposed Golden Era of Har-Navah is anything but idyllic.

Trapped in a web of political games, Miriam Sasson is enslaved—body and soul—to the High Priest of Har-Navah. But until she met Ezra Kelach, she hadn’t bothered to care. Embarking on a mission to stop the kingdom from corruption, Miri and Ezra develop an unexpected friendship that challenges everything they know—about Har-Navah, about magic, and certainly about love.

Together, Ezra and Miri unveil a tangle of secrets and games so dark that the cost of freedom could be their lives.

With unforgettable characters, heartbreaking romance, and page-turning twists, this richly-intricate fantasy series continues a thousand years after The Chalam Færytales left off, exploring themes of the shackles of abuse, the price of freedom, and the power of sacrificial love—all centered around one question: what is the White Stag?

Notice: Contains language, adult situations, and graphic depictions of sexual violence. Reader discretion advised. Not recommended for readers under sixteen.
The Stag at Hand is Book I of The Chalam Chronicles, Volume II