Is love enough to save you from yourself?

Miri and Ezra are just trying to find their normal–they may have gotten Miri out of slavery, but now comes the real test: facing their own demons. From the outside, it looks like they have the perfect life as Grand Duke and Duchess of Kinnereth, until one fateful night when Miri’s past comes back for revenge. Now she must choose between lying to her husband or shattering him with the truth she can never escape.

Meanwhile, with Gian of Borras by her side, Princess Rachael is determined to find out what the enigmatic Empress of Medinah is up to, and why her influence is spreading even to the farthest corners of Har-Navah—threatening not just the king, but the people. What they uncover could spell the end of life as they know it, not to mention the end of her growing bond with Gian.

Set in the sweeping mountains of Har-Navah, The Song in the Shadows is rich with epic, devastating romance, Victorian-Gothic aesthetic, and mysterious magical forces. It is Volume II: Book II of The Chalam Chronicles.

Notice: Contains language, adult situations, and graphic depictions of sexual violence. Reader discretion is advised. Not recommended for readers under sixteen.