Sometimes, an empress…

Exiled from her home after her family’s murder, Ama Lei found contentment on the sea, assisting her friend Renee. But helping a queen regain her throne only reminded Ama Lei that she had her own people, and a throne waiting to be reclaimed.

And a pirate…

Even if Renee foiled one attempt on her life, and somewhat reunited with her husband, she’s considered dead by most, and her life is a masquerade. The biggest threat to her life, and her reign, still exists and to defeat him, she’ll have to call on all her powers and allies, as pirate and as queen.

Join forces.

Each fights her own path; each needs the other. Can they succeed in removing their great-est threat, or will they fall before his cunning? And will they forever be known as pirates, or perhaps finally take their rightful places on their thrones?