Darkness is coming on the winds of winter. From the shadows, a queen of Light emerges.

Meren knows that there is more to the encroaching winter than just weather—there is a Darkness poised to devour the world. A Darkness that has been chasing her for her whole life. And she’s tired of being powerless to do anything about it. So when the leader of what’s left of the Light Færies tasks her on a mission to find the legendary Gibhor—a Warrior Færy who could save the world—Meren does not hesitate. Even if it means risking her life to avoid the ruthless Dark Færies.

What she never expected to find was a legendary, mysterious færy who lost his wings. What she never expected to find was a hero who had no interest in helping her—or even himself. What she never expected to find was a hidden magic that most of the færies have long-since abandoned. With the fates of both the mortals and immortals at stake, Meren must convince the reluctant Gibhor to help, no matter the cost.

Even if it costs them their lives.

The Perdurables is an epic tale of miniature proportions. A nimble, fast-paced adventure, the fourth book in The Chalam Færytales series dives deep into the forest, telling the story of the moths—the creatures that have haunted Prince Ferryl from the first pages of The Promised One. With war on the horizon for Har-Navah, it is more than the humans who have something at stake. And sometimes the tiniest heroes make the biggest impact.