Some of the most gorgeous book covers out there are in the fantasy and færytale genre, and we at Epic Færytales thought it was high time to pay tribute to some of the artists that make these beauties. We highly recommend checking out the artists who poured their talents into these incredible covers. They’re Insta-candy waiting to happen. And know what else is cool? Some of the books in this list were designed and illustrated by the authors themselves! Check it out!


L R W Lee

Cover illustrated by Charlie Bowater.

Lullaby: The Sand Maiden (Morpheus: Greek God of Dreams Book 1) by [L. R. W. Lee, Charlie Bowater]

An Heir in Shadow

Sofia Drake

Cover illustrated by Anna Shoemaker.
An Heir in Shadow (The Shattering Darkness Book 1) by [Sofia Drake]

An Enchantment of Ravens

Margaret Rogerson

Cover illustrated by Charlie Bowater.
An Enchantment of Ravens by [Margaret Rogerson]


Jay Kristoff

Cover illustrated by Jason Chan.
Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle Book 1) by [Jay Kristoff]

Uncommon World Series

Alisha Klapheke

Cover illustrated by Merilliza Chan
Waters of Salt and Sin: Uncommon World by [Alisha Klapheke]

Asunder: A Vatan Chronicle

L. Steinworth

Cover illustrated by L. Steinworth.

Asunder: A Vatan Chronicle (The King's Renegade Book 1) by [L. Steinworth, K.M. Gibson, Erica Russikoff]

Curse of the Wolf King

Tessonja Odette

Cover illustrated by Tessonja Odette

Curse of the Wolf King: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (Entangled with Fae) by [Tessonja Odette]

The Promised One

Morgan G Farris

Cover illustrated by Morgan G Farris.

The Promised One (The Chalam Færytales Book 1) by [Morgan G Farris]