Epic Færytales Featured Artisan Program

If you write fantasy or speculative fiction, compose fantasy-themed music, create fantasy art, or make fantasy films and you’re looking for a place to connect directly with avid fantasy fans, you’re in the right place. If you’re tired of the same old marketing tactics, don’t worry. So are we. And we’ve created a place just for you!‡

What is Fantasy Books & Movies?

This group was created with the idea in mind that artisans can help other artisans promote their works in an environment designed to automatically attract the target demographic (fantasy fans, hello!). This is more than just a “how can we sell something to the members” group. This is a fun, engaging environment, full of discussions about new releases from big name creatives, favorite fantasy books and movies, as well as engaging posts like polls, memes, quizzes, etc.

The expectation will be that posts do not make the members feel like they are being “sold to,” otherwise the group will never grow. Members need to have a reason to engage, so the group will offer content that promotes such an environment.

The Featured Artisan Role

Group “Take Over” month:

Each Featured Artisan will be given one calendar month to “take over” the fantasy group. This take over can include, but is not limited to such ideas as:

  • Read alongs
  • Book discussions
  • Meet the artist
  • How-to videos (or WIP videos)
  • Games
  • Giveaways

This would be ideal for the month of a new release or new product, but at this time, we are not limiting it with that stipulation.

It is recommended (but not required) during your take over month that you offer some sort of exclusive giveaway or content to ONLY the members of the group. This will incentivize group growth and engagement. Some ideas for giveaways include free eBooks, free signed copies of your book, branded swag, free digital printables of your art, a signed canvas, etc.

Non “Take Over” months:

Each featured artisan is welcome to promote their works by way of commenting on threads about “suggestions” or “recommendations.” Featured artisans are also encouraged to post about their works in the group on a regular basis, particularly when there are sales and discounts. This group is meant for artisans to help artisans and fans to have an easy place to find new works, so it is highly encouraged that Featured Artisans also post about the other Featured Artisans in the group.

However, spamming the group with nothing but posts to your Amazon or other sales page is not allowed. Your posts will need to be more creative than that as a featured artisan. If you need ideas, please feel free to ask other featured artisans, or look around the internet for ideas. Again, this group is not meant to be a place to just “sell” your stuff.

Group Chat:

There will be a Facebook group chat set up for the featured artisans to discuss promotions and ideas together. This way, we can help each other think outside the box. You will be expected to participate in the chat and contribute.

Other Group Expectations:

It is expected that featured artisans will act as moderators for the group, keeping spammers at bay, removing off-topic posts (religion, politics, etc.) and posting engaging content for members about all manner of fantasy books, music, art, and movies. The success of this group is largely dependent on members not feeling like they’re being “sold” all the time, so fun quizzes, polls, memes, etc. are crucial to success. A rule of thumb will be that only 10% of posts should involve a call for the members to buy something. Everything else should be focused on engagement and activity. The more the members are active, the more the members will see the group in their feed, which means the more effective your actual sales posts will be.

This is a team effort, so each featured artisan will be expected to promote the other featured artisans within the group by way of commenting on posts, speaking highly of their works, encouraging members to purchase them, etc.

The Ambassador Role

Ambassador Program:

A limited number of spots will be offered to non-artisan members of the group as group Ambassadors. This means that they will promote artisans within the group, as well as promote the group to their outside circle. The larger the group, the more potential for benefit to both artisans and members. As a benefit, ambassadors will periodically be offered free content from the featured artisans, including, but not limited to free copies of author’s book(s), free advanced reader copies, free swag, free art, and more.

Ambassadors will be periodically evaluated for their contribution to the group. If it is decided by the featured artisans that they are not pulling your weight, they will be removed as an ambassador and their role will be given to someone else.

As a featured artisan, in addition to providing exclusive content for group contests, you will be expected to provide the ambassadors with rewards for their endeavors. Ideas include swag, signed copies of your books, free copies of popular books from other fantasy authors (Sarah J. Maas, George RR Martin, etc.), free art, free tickets to movie premiers, etc. Get creative and reward the people who are helping you get your works out there! The better you reward them, the harder they will want to work for YOU!


This group is no cost to you, aside from whatever you choose to invest in your giveaways and ambassador rewards. Please keep in mind that not every artisan who applies to be featured will be chosen. While the group is built around the goal of helping up-and-coming indie artisans get their work more widely known, you must show some sign of initiative and success with your entrepreneurial endeavors to date. Your reviews (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.), the amount of reviews you have, your social followings, the activity on your social accounts, etc. will be considered heavily in your application. At this time, there is no set threshold of expectation, but your online presence as a whole will be considered.

Applying to become a Featured Artisan

If you are an artisan interested in becoming featured, please take a moment to fill out this form. We will be in touch with you soon if we feel like you’re a fit for the program. If you do not hear from us, keep working and try again! The more your platform grows, the better your chances of getting accepted!

‡This program is designed for artisans of fantasy and fairy-tale themed work, including novels, music, art, & movies. However, it is not a fit for everyone. In an effort to bring a little more magic to the world, we reserve the right to refuse any artisan that does not fit what we’re looking for. We do not accept works that include erotica, excessive mature content, or gratuitous sex. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Write your own name if you are self-published.

Write your own name if you are self-released.

Etsy, Redbubble, Society6, etc.

YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

YouTube, Facebook, Society6, Etsy, etc.

Please do NOT send links to a personal profile

What would you mainly like to achieve?

Please include any promotional materials you plan to give away to group members, followers, and FB&M ambassadors (i.e.: free copies of your books, music, art, swag, etc.)

Do NOT paste your blurb from Amazon. Give us a synopsis of 100 words or less.

What would you do better? What would you do again?

Please note that your completed application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. We have a team dedicated to curating the best in indie artisans, and not everyone who applies will be accepted. Many factors will influence the decision, including social media presence, Amazon/YouTube rankings & ratings (if applicable), and of course the content of your work.

Please note: we DO NOT accept erotica or romance novels/movies, or works with mature content. Love stories are fine, but we are not interested in works where romance and sex are the main draw. In addition, some language, violence, and graphic descriptions are acceptable, but not gratuitous content that is unnecessary to the overall work. Each work will be individually evaluated to determine if they will be a fit for the program. Thank you for your cooperation.

I understand that my application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. I confirm that my works are not erotica, romance, or mature in nature.

By clicking "I understand," you affirm that everything in this form is true.