Rainy Day Reading Music

Some of the best soundtracks out there are absolutely PERFECT for reading a great faerytale or fantasy on a rainy day. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. Have one you love that you don’t see? Comment below and tell us!

Alice In Wonderland Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

In my opinion, there is no better composer than Danny Elfman, and this is one of his best. I put this on when I’m writing almost every time. It transports me to another place (okay, it transports me to Wonderland) and puts me in the mood to write or read faerytales.

Snow White & The Huntsman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

You can’t go wrong with a soundtrack that features Florence + The Machine. Hands down, if there’s a band that’s faerytale music, it’s F+TM. And this entire soundtrack is just money, honey.

Braveheart Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I know it’s not a faerytale, but I mean come one. It’s Braveheart. And there is something inherently magical about Scottish music. Those bagpipes are just perfect.