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I like to make things pretty.

I get it. Believe me, I get it. Book covers matter. And there are a lot of charlatans out there poised to take your money and spit out a cover that looks exactly like the 500 million other covers they’ve churned out in the last month. And lo and behold, your pride and joy shows up on Amazon with about 87.4 other covers that look just like yours — right down the font and the stock photo model.

It grosses me out, too.

That’s why I don’t take on many book cover clients. And when I do, it’s a project I know I can deliver on. Because it matters to me, so I know it matters to you.

A little about my design experience — I’ve been actively designing all manner of brand marketing elements since 2004. I’ve designed book covers for Wall Street Journal best-selling books. And I have passion for making unique, beautiful, genre-specific, eye-catching covers. But I’m pretty selective about what I’ll make, because it’s a labor of love, not a labor of desperation. So if you’re looking for erotica or shirtless dudes, I’m probably not your gal. But if you’re looking for magic and mystery and little darkness and a lot of færy dust, I’m probably your girl. Below, you’ll see some examples of my work. Some of these are premades that may or may not still be for sale. Some are active books and novels. And yes, I make my own covers, too.

Typography Matters

Also, if you’ve had that beloved cover of yours illustrated by someone awesome, but all you have is art, please let me help you make that cover sing. Don’t throw on some crappy font with a drop shadow and call it a cover. Typography matters. It matters a LOT. And it just so happens to be my forte.

Contact me! I might be able to help you!

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