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12 Books To Cure Your Crescent City Hangover

The Shadows Between Us Tricia Levenseller Dark is the Night Mirriam Neal The Perdurables Morgan G Farris Daughter of Shades Sylvia Mercedes Crave Tracy Wolff Outlawed Hayley Osborn Wake Me After the Apocalypse Jordan Rivet Crystal Caged Elise Kova Tangled Truths Lindsay Buroker The Pirate Empress K R Martin Crimson Mage Dorothy Dryer Whims of […]

An Epic Story of Tiny Creatures

A Skeptic Converted When I first started reading The Chalam Færytales by Morgan G Farris, I was amazed at the world-building and the depth of the characters. From the first page, I felt like I knew Prince Ferryl and Elizabeth. Their relationship felt real and their story came alive quickly. Now, three books in, the […]


22 Free Fairy Tales and Fantasy Novels

Who doesn’t love FREE books? Well we’ve put together a list of 22 new, exciting indie authors who are just waiting to become your next binge. Check them out! But don’t wait — these books will only be free until April 30, 2019! The Promised One The Chalam Færytales, Book I Morgan G Farris An […]


Fantasy Heroines that Should Be Disney Princesses

Angelique Apprentice of Magic Tragic past. Check. Hates her giftings (magic). Check. Her fate in the hands of the oppressive ruling powers? Check. Gorgeous, mysterious potential hero? Check. Romance and adventure and all the magic? Check. There’s a reason everyone is reading this book. Buttercup The Princess Bride You’ve probably seen the movie, but if […]

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Gorgeous Illustrated Fantasy and Fairy Tale Book Covers for YA and Fantasy Readers Who Love Fan Art

Some of the most gorgeous book covers out there are in the fantasy and færytale genre, and we at Epic Færytales thought it was high time to pay tribute to some of the artists that make these beauties. We highly recommend checking out the artists who poured their talents into these incredible covers. They’re Insta-candy […]

20 Modern Fairy Tales That Should Be On Your TBR List

What’s the best thing about a faerytale? It’s deeply romantic, full of magic, and chock full of dark, mysterious villians. Check out this list of some of our favorite faerytales out there! Don’t see your favorite on the list? Comment and tell us about it! The Princess Bride Uprooted The Enchanted Swans Remembering Majyk Cruel […]

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Best Fantasy Reads of 2018

Looking for new epic fantasy reads? These books from 2018 represent some of the best in indie publishing, full of swashbuckling heroes and swoon-worthy love stories. Check them out!  The Pirate Princess by K R Martin Sometimes, to become a princess… Raised to marry a king, Renee’s greatest desire is to be a true […]