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Inconceivable Rumors and A Promise of Swift Reproach

So unless you’re living in an alternate universe where Twitter doesn’t exist and Cary Elwes isn’t the most beautiful man alive, then you probably already know that there are rumors flying around of a potential The Princess Bride remake. Also, if in said alternative universe you do not follow Epic Færytales on a regular basis […]

Indie Spotlight: Timothy Moran and A Promise of Light

We are so excited to introduce someone to you today. We’re all about indies. Rogues. Entrepreneurs. Creatives who pave the way for something new. Through the wonders of the internet, we stumbled across an exciting project that we think is worth sharing — an independent fantasy short film, A Promise of Light. Chock-full of mythical […]

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What’s Going On With Elsa?

Frozen II Is Coming This Autumn So the new teaser trailer for Frozen II dropped and we’ve gotta say… it looks like it won’t disappoint. Where the first movie was downright perfect, the second one looks as if it might be better. And if it’s possible, the animation is even more gorgeous (Elsa’s hair, anyone?). […]


Faerytale Inspired Jewelry

My Crystal Grove – Custom Jewelry I recently found this girl on Facebook and I AM I LOVE with everything she makes. I mean, who doesn’t love handmade jewelry? Especially when it’s made with natural elements. So good. And if you ask me, her mountain necklaces just scream A Court of Thorns and Roses by […]