My name is Morgan.

I have an unnatural addiction to sparkling water and The Office. I am inconceivably obsessed with The Princess Bride. And I’m an indie artist who writes epic færytales, composes music, and creates art of all mediums.

There’s nothing better than a great fantasy, particularly of the færytale vein… give me magic and Fae and flying creatures and… you get it. But I also love indies, which is why most of the books and movies featured here independently produced. (What’s an indie? They’re independent folk–not associated with a major publisher or production company. Out there on their own, they are just trying to let the world know about their art. That’s where Epic Færytales comes in…)

Helping other artisans promote their works–particularly those who bring a little magic to the world–is a passion of mine, so that’s what this is all about. We’ve got a pretty exciting group over on Facebook. You should join us.

And no, I didn’t invent the genre, I just trying to make sure Epic Færytales have their proper place in the world.

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A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Texas. (See, in Texas, we say phrases like “born and raised” and “y’all.” We also call all soft drinks Cokes. It’s just what they’re called. Fight me.) I grew up singing four-part Gospel music with my parents and baby sister. I started writing songs at nine years old and never stopped. By the time I was in college, I had written hundreds of songs and had a burning desire to sing them. So I went on the road. I traveled with my band, Lately, for ten years before I hung up that hat and settled down to make babies. You can watch a video of Lately below, but I’m warning you not to marvel at my impeccable fashion sense and the fauxhawk with bangs that I’m not sure who let me sport… Bless.

Fast forward to modern times… Somewhere deep in the throes of motherhood, I realized that traveling with my music wasn’t really what made me tick, but writing. And so I traded life on the road for the life of an introvert (my true self) and started writing novels. I’ve found a niche–combining my love for writing with my passion for brand marketing. And now I’m setting out to help other authors, artists, and musicians. We’re artisans, each of us. And we have something to offer. This is the place to find it, in case you’re wondering. I’m glad you’re here!

Where to Find Me

If you’re so inclined, you can learn more about me on my website,