My Crystal Grove – Custom Jewelry

I recently found this girl on Facebook and I AM I LOVE with everything she makes. I mean, who doesn’t love handmade jewelry? Especially when it’s made with natural elements. So good.

And if you ask me, her mountain necklaces just scream A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Night court vibes, anyone? Makes me want to reread the whole series. Stat.

I absolutely love that each piece is unique and no two are alike. Check out her page and sound off in the comments to let me know which one is your favorite!

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And check out her Etsy shop for all her goodies!

Have a favorite faerytale inspired artisan? Let me know who they are in the comments!

Rainy Day Reading Music

Some of the best soundtracks out there are absolutely PERFECT for reading a great faerytale or fantasy on a rainy day. So we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. Have one you love that you don’t see? Comment below and tell us!

Alice In Wonderland Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

In my opinion, there is no better composer than Danny Elfman, and this is one of his best. I put this on when I’m writing almost every time. It transports me to another place (okay, it transports me to Wonderland) and puts me in the mood to write or read faerytales.

Snow White & The Huntsman Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

You can’t go wrong with a soundtrack that features Florence + The Machine. Hands down, if there’s a band that’s faerytale music, it’s F+TM. And this entire soundtrack is just money, honey.

Braveheart Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I know it’s not a faerytale, but I mean come one. It’s Braveheart. And there is something inherently magical about Scottish music. Those bagpipes are just perfect.

Looking for new epic fantasy reads?

These books from 2018 represent some of the best in indie publishing, full of swashbuckling heroes and swoon-worthy love stories. Check them out!

The Pirate Princess by K R Martin

Sometimes, to become a princess…

Raised to marry a king, Renee’s greatest desire is to be a true queen. So, while other girls learned the art of embroidery, Renee perfected her skills with a sword. She was prepared to earn the respect of her future husband, but a chance encounter with a handsome stranger awakens her heart to the possibility of love.

… a girl must become a pirate.

When tragedy strikes, Renee flees, right onto a pirate ship! Surprising herself, she offers to join their crew. Happy to finally put her swordsmanship to use, she fights injustice on the seas, but when her kingdom is threatened, can she give up the safety and happiness for an uncertain future? Or can she finally become the leader, the princess, her people need?

Shadows of Lela by Tessonja Odette

A forgotten princess.
A deadly quest.
A threat that hides in shadow…

Sixteen-year-old Cora is a princess with a dark past. Exile has kept her safe. But when she rescues a dying unicorn from a mysterious band of hunters, her identity—and her life—are in danger.

Prince Teryn has the perfect plan—win the quest, marry his betrothed, and become king. But his mission goes awry when he faces a feisty young woman in the woods. Although they meet as foes, she shares a secret that bonds them.

Teryn and Cora’s fates are entwined in a plot far deadlier than they ever imagined. Can they face the threat together? Or will a terrifying enemy destroy the land they love?

Shadows of Lela is Book One in the Lela Trilogy. If you like swoon-worthy romance, adventurous quests, breathtaking magic, and surprising twists, then you’ll love Tessonja Odette’s epic fantasy tale.

Buy Shadows of Lela to embark on a magical journey today!

An Heir in Shadow by Sofia Drake

Morrigan has spent decades hiding in plain sight as a celebrated agent for the Bureau of Preternatural Creatures. As the most powerful fae spell caster alive, she has long stood against the rising tide of evil stalking the innocent people in her home city of Baltimore. When her cover is suddenly blown, Morrigan must finally decide to either embrace the duty of her heritage or to abandon the people she has come to love to one of the greatest enemies she has ever faced.

The Promised One by Morgan G Farris

“But that’s just it: my mind does not remember, but my heart has not forgotten. And I’ve been going out of my mind trying to understand why I should fall in love so quickly, so completely…with a stranger.”


Magic is not real, thank you very much. It’s a faerytale. It can’t be real, because if it is, then that means that the love of Elizabeth’s life hasn’t just forgotten her.

He’s been cursed to forget her.

When stubborn, logical Elizabeth discovers that Prince Ferryl remembers nothing of their fabled love, she is determined to uncover the truth. But the clues keep pointing to the most illogical answer of all: that magic is not just the stuff of faerytales—and it may be both the problem and the solution. But while Elizabeth is busy trying to figure out what happened to Ferryl, he’s busy trying to explain his father’s mysterious headaches, grapple with a band of rebels threatening his kingdom, and dodge a queen determined to control every detail of his life.

The Promised One is the first book of The Chalam Faerytales series—a coming-of-age epic færytale of what happens after the first kiss. It’s a journey to remind us that magic is everywhere, if only we look—and love may be the most powerful magic there is.

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